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Seeking Sponsors

I'm quickly finding out that being a singer/songwriter/musician is an expensive undertaking.

Therefore, I am seeking sponsors to help support me in my music education and endeavors.

Selected as one of the top chorale singers in the Pacific Northwest, I will be traveling to Spokane in March 2020 to learn and perform with other singers in the region.

In April, I will be flying to the set of a television show, meeting with the show producer and collaborating on creating and sharing my music for use in the show.

If you are interested in being a true patron of my art, you can sponsor me toward one of my endeavors and I will keep your business logo on my website for the remainder of the calendar year. I can also dedicate a song to you with a shout-out on my website, YouTube and social media platforms.

Or, if you are local, I will coordinate a live performance with you at your place of business or special event or celebration.

I would also happily endorse your product if it is a product I use and believe in. 

Thank you for your time and interest. My success depends on the support of many. Can I count on you?


Autumn Helene