Seeking Sponsors

I'm quickly finding out that being a singer/songwriter/musician is an expensive undertaking.

Therefore, I am seeking sponsors to help support me in my music education and endeavors.

With the coronavirus pandemic, many of my scheduled gigs and events were cancelled, leading to the creation of my virtual tip jar.

I will soon be flying to the set of the Hunting Jessica television show, meeting with the show producer and collaborating on creating and sharing my music for use in the show. This is also a project that was put on hold due to COVID-19.

If you are interested in being a true patron of my art, you can sponsor me toward one of my endeavors and I will keep your business logo on my website for the remainder of the calendar year. I can also dedicate a song to you with a shout-out on my website, YouTube and social media platforms.

And, if you are local, I will coordinate a socially-distanced live performance with you at your place of business or special event or celebration.

I would also happily endorse your product if it is a product I use and believe in. 

Thank you for your time and interest. My success depends on the support of many. Can I count on you?


Autumn Helene